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Michael Haas

Business Development Associate

Michael aids in business development at Werkbot, where he focuses on determining if Werkbot is the right fit for an organization. He strives to be at the intersection of people and ideas, helping people discover exactly what their business needs to achieve growth.

“You can tell a lot about a person based on what they say, and even more by the way they say it.”

While not at Werkbot, Michael can be found at local coffee shops, volunteering at local non-profits, and reading voraciously. He has an incongruous affection for both contemporary and Elizabethan playwrights.


  • Textual analysis
  • Mediation
  • Competitive Business Intelligence
  • Institutional Planning
  • Improvisational Iambic Pentameter
Michael Haas Bio compressor

Business & Inquires (814) 461-1322